Outdoor cooking is a staple for many consumers and if you are searching the market of your ideal gas grill, then you will want to view this stunning appliance. The Napoleon Prestige Gas Grill, Model: BIPT450RBI has been developed to give you optimum cooking capabilities through a unique design and large main grilling space. The exterior design of this outdoor gas grill will enhance the appearance of your deck an d patio, and all your dishes will be professionally treated within this grills powerful cooking platform. The average price for this Napoleon Prestige Gas Grill is $1,350 and it can be purchased at any major outdoor appliance retail store, or check BestPaniniPressReview for some reviews.

Product Rating:

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars

Main Features and Technologies:

This beautiful Napoleon Prestige Gas Grill will provide with not only powerful cooking surfaces but also an exterior design that will enhance any backyard cookout. With its stainless steel design and ample cooking spaces, this is the outdoor chef’s dream grill.

Not only will you be able to use this Napoleon Prestige Grill as an outdoor grill, but through its advanced design you can also use this grill as a smoker, rotisserie, stove top and even a smoker. This unique outdoor grill offers you a wide temperature selection that starts at 6,000BTU and can rise to a roaring 61,000BTUs. The temperature variations within this Napoleon Gas Grill will allow you to prepare ultra-delicate meals as well as utilize all of its power to cook heavy-duty meals.

You will be able to enjoy a total cooking space of 694 square inches. This is ample room to create both large and small meals without running out of room. If you are always cooking meals for guests then you will really appreciate the size of this outdoor grill.

Igniting this gas grill is not only safe, but also very easy. You will be able to utilize the electronic ignition system, which is powered by an external batter that is included with this grill. Controlling the temperature within this gas grill is not only a stylish experience, but also a convenient one. The ergonomic design of the stainless steel knobs will easily fit in your hand and their appearance highlights the exterior of this Napoleon Prestige Grill.

This outdoor gas grill is available in not only liquid propane, or LP, but it can also be purchased in natural gas design. I highly suggest this unique and powerful Napoleon Prestige Gas Grill for all consumers.